Certified Human Resource Professional

A globally recognized industry endorsed Human Resource certification program - ISO 9001-2015 validated.


Welcome to Next Innovation Asia

ISO: 9001 – 2015 Certified Organisation

  • Why Next Innovation Asia?
  • Why CHRP?
  • Why HR Profession?
  • Benefits of CHRP
  • Our Training Methods

Why Next Innovation Asia?

  • Next innovation Asia (Nia Group of Companies), Training & Recruitment (Staffing) Solution Company

  • We are ISO 9001 – 2015 Certified and Government Registered Company

  • Our Training services are Certified HR (Human Resource), Website Design/Development, Software Development, Software testing, Digital Marketing, Soft skill, Placement Skill Training to Students, Job Seekers.

  • Our Recruitment (Staffing Solution) to All companies like Software, Manufacturing, Textile, Food processing, BPO etc.

  • We endow with Innovative professional Training and motivational Guidance to college students and Job seekers to develop their Real-Time Exposure Skills, Professional skills and here we create way to choose Career path to their Reach career Destination.

CHRP Our Training Framework

1. HR Job Analysis

  • job Analysis introduction
  • Job Analysis method introduction
  • job Analysis in different department in Organization
  • job Analysis questionnaire survey
  • job analysis result analysis
  • create job specification and description